Friday, March 25, 2011

Figure Review: Figma Black Gold Saw, Figma Black Rock Shooter, Nendoroid Black Rock Shooter

3 figures just arrived this afternoon from amiami...
2 of them are the well known figma and nendoroid of Black Rock Shooter
while the other one is the long awaited figma Black Gold Saw!

so.... on to the reviews....

Nendoroid: Black Rock Shooter

Shes quite well made, but still i felt that some paintworks is abit off... well maybe just me though :P

Figma: Black Rock Shooter

 The cannon is huge lol xD
At first i'm confused that this figma have 2 stand included...
After I put on the cannon to her arm, now i know why they provide 2 stand @.@

On to the main thing :D

Figma: Black Gold Saw

This is the first time i've seen a figma without a normal changeable hand xD
her hand is HUGE lol :P
and so her sword! I live it xD
the last photo is for the lol only :P no offense for any BRS fans out there :D

anyway thats all for my review for now :D stay tune for more review at.... maybe next month xD


Friday, March 18, 2011

Figure Review: 1/8 Okami Ryoko figure [ALTER]

my first figure review in this blog!
and also my first online ordered figure from amiami online shop!
shipped with EMS, cost me 6670 yen (EMS Shipping) for this figure...
the shipment is rather fast... took just 2 days from shipping confirmation to my front door

anyway here the pics:

Okay.... that about all of images that i have for now :D
The figure quality is superb, as expected...
And no defects detected :D
For those of you who never order at amiami online shop, believe me, its much cheaper to order there than to order in your local hobby shop xD

thats all for now... see you guys later in another post :)


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Blog: Redesigned

Actually nothing changed much, just a little tweak on the background image lol
its been a full year since the last time i wrote in this blog...

well a lot of things changed and I'll try to keep this blog updated with my "new" random rants

stay tunes~



Tuesday, November 24, 2009

AFA Report by Flame7651!! >w<


That was the AFA09 subtitle and also became a word that I want to scream off my throat after the event ends...

Yes 2 fabulous, fantastic, magnificent, etc days at AFA09 is just feel not enough for me...

although the road that I take to this event is full of obstacles (but somehow feel adventurous >.<) and I spend a damn f**kin big money there...

But after the event end it just feel *lonely* or something like that... All the money and effort that I made to take me to this event is worth it...

From the exclusive merchandise, to the concert.... I cannot event describe it properly with word...

Yes... It's just TOO GOOD!!!

Now for a few story from my so called "adventure"

Day 1
Day 2

PS: pics will come later after i upload EVERYTHING... i have liek 100+ pics that must be resized and uploaded O_O


AFA Day 1

Day 1

I went to Singapore using Tiger Airways nightflight at friday, 20th November 23:45PM and arrived at Singapore at saturday, 21st November 00:40AM...

MRT service is over and I was ROTTEN, waiting till 5:30AM for the forst MRT service in the Mc Cafe...

Buying a bit of coffee and using some sort of ridiculous computer system which log out every 10 mins to update my facebook status (FYI this is my first time using internet since that day)

walking around aimlessly, trying to sleep, drinking coffee, all of that stupid things (especially sleeping in Mc Cafe lol) i've done to swept away the boredness of waiting...

Till finally 5:30 come (YES!) and so I ride the MRT to the suntec convention centre...

Well i know that even the sun is still not up yet, but yet the excitement make me want to go to the AFA as fast as I can... So I run...

After walking around a bit, we finally got to the Hall 401-403 where AFA is....

LOLz first impression there is... TOO EARLY XD

Yes I arrived at AFA at roughly 6AM, and the front gate to AFA is opened at 10AM XD so another waiting to be done....

So let me fast forward the time until the Main Entrance is opened (cause there really nothing to do while we are waiting... except for looking at the local otakus and watching the normal ticketing queque grow into something BIG XD)

- some things when waiting -

Well because I have the Concert Pass for the AFA, I can get in to the AFA in a fairly shorter line...

And so AFA is officially OPEN! And the FUN FUN FUN begin!!

First thing I do when I step my feet into AFA grounds is....

RUN to the AKB town at the back row and search for KAGAMINE RIN/LEN!

And the FACT is...


Nendoroid, PVC, Figma, I GOT IT ALL!

And after the main target gotten, I walk around the AFA and look for "other things"

The second thing that I noticed after hunting down all RIN/LEN is...


not ordinary gundam but LIMITED ONE

RX-78-2 Smoke Clear Ver.

I bought this one in a whim actually.... because well.... this gundam you can say very exclusive (for only 200 pieces sold in AFA)

But now... I dunno if i want to sell it again (for higher price OC :gg:) or assemble it myself XD

Well lets put the gundam aside (lolz still think about it though)

After gundams other booth that i want to check is of course COSPA!

After waiting in a quite long line to get in the shop, I finally managed to get in there...

COSPA booth sell quite many anime realted items, from mugs to t-shirts and accesories...

I got my Azu-Nyan T-shirt here XD

So COSPA booth is all done and moving next is...

Browse figures again XD

Yes there're quite lot of shops there in AFA and some of them sold quite rare item with discounted price!

And in one of those shops (forget the name) I got a quite nice Konata figure!

Yes dont bother to ask... You know that i'll definitely take that figure XD

Ah~ Figures hunt is finished (mainly because wallet running dry in just 2 hours time XD) and so i went to -nearly forgotten- the events and figure showcase

Actually in Day 1 i'm not attending the public events at all...

And i'm sorry that i cant tell you much about the cosplay competition cause i sadly missed that one because of hotel check-in thingie =3=

And so I arrived at the hotel... Time is... 14:10 well just take a rest for a bit and stretching nearly-cramped legs and arms (lolz mainly bcos carrying too many figures 4 kilos maybe XD)

and so i slept...


time is 18:50 when I woke up... CRAP THE CONCERT!

The concerti is suppose to be at 18:30


So I take taxi to the convention center and "walk" as fast as i can to the hall

When i get in the concert hall

Shoko-tan is already singing at the stage!!!


I ask a person beside me... and he said..

"this is still the first song"


late 40 mins and still 1st song????

I must uber-crazy-lucky!!!

And so i sit and enjoy the show, screaming "SHOKO-TAN" "YEAHH" etc at the top of my lungs XD

After shoko-tan there's ANIKI

also a very momerable performance by the king of anisong himself :sugoii:

After screaming and waving my lightsticks for about 2 hours the result is.....

Sore Throat and Cramped Arms....

Well but that worth for the performances XD

I just go straight back to the hotel after the concert...

Grabbing some food around the way in geylang area (which is good XD)

And SLEEP (although can't really sleep though)